KEI is organized as a virtual institute. Only board and management team will be located in Kiel permanently. Project partners will have their working places in their home institutions, but will meet regularly at KEI to work on the concerted projects.

Organizational structure

The board of trustees is composed of the executives of the parent institutions and supervises the board of directors.

The board of directors is composed of one representative of each of the founding institutes IfW and GEOMAR and a representative of each of the big projects. The board of directors elects a speaker and a vice-speaker internally.
An advisory council consults the board of directors at least once a year.
A team of coordinators (staff) supports the work of the board of directors, especially in creation of projects and its management.

Responsible for the projects are project managers who will report to the board of directors.

Board of trustees

Prof. Snower, Ph.D., IfW
Prof. Dr. Herzig, GEOMAR

Prof. Klepper, Ph.D., IfW
Prof. Dr. Visbeck, GEOMAR

Advisory council

Management Team